Spiral Duct & Fittings

Dry Air Duct

This technique is applied to APT vertical air duct and smoke duct for

independent heating. This structure maximizes the exhaust efficiency

with the saddle developed to minimize the gas leakage and noise

that can generate from forced exhaust system by supplementing the

disadvantages of existing vertical air ducts.

Flexible Hose

Tarpaulin Flexible Hose

The both sides of tarpaulin have been smoke resistance processed for excellent heat resistance, corrosion resistance and tensile strength. Also, with less friction loss, it has high durability.

Clean Wool Insulation:   This frame resistant product creates no scattering in the                                                  air, is non-toxic, easy to install and has high workability.

                                           It is widely used in smoke control system and air                                                                conditioning and heating.

Glass Wool Insulation:   This Nonflammable product has high flame resistance, is                                                non-toxic to human body, and has high air conditioning                                                  and heating efficiency.

Aluminum Flexible Duct Hose

This flame resistant and non-flammable material made by joining aluminum foil with polyester film has high heat resistance,

corrosion resistance and air purifying performance.

Clean Wool Insulation:   This flame resistant product does not cause scattering into                                              the air due to wind, is non-toxic and easy to install, and has                                            high workability. It is widely used in smoke control system                                              and air conditioning and heating.

Glass Wool Insulation:   This non-flammable product has high flame resistance, is                                                non-toxic to human body and has high air conditioning and                                            heating efficiency.

Sound Attenuated Flexible Hose

Sound attenuated hose and sound absorption hose product remove noise through the fine holes on the surface of aluminum foil or felt and are mainly used for absorbing noise and in toilet exhaust ducts.

Triple sound attenuated duct with insulation is thin but uses hollow fiber for superior insulation with reduced in volume to save space and transportation cost. Insulated (PE) product uses flame resistant polyethylene vinyl instead of vapor barrier and is mainly used in system air conditioners. PVC flame resistant dual clean hose is produced in 65ø. It is used in SA/RA ducts in heat exchangers for ventilating households by installing with distributors.


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